Thursday, February 4, 2016


My latest collection for IDW / Yoe Books, DEVIL TALES is in stores this week (a few weeks earlier than reported too!) Featuring two dozen tales of satanic shenanigans from the 1950's precode comic book era, with art by legendary greats Dick Ayers, Bob Powell, Gene Colan, Lin Streeter, Lou Cameron, Ross Andru, and more! Click HERE to sell your soul by ordering online! And as we've seen over the last month of posts, the tales of demonic evil don't end there as we have an encore presentation of an Iger Shop classic from the March 1953 issue of Journey into Fear #12, --and unlike our previous posts, this tale actually is featured in the new DEVIL TALES collection! After you read it, head over to my other blog HERE for another great tale from the book! HAIL!!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Devil's Due

Is it getting hotter in here? Are you sweating profusely? This can only mean one thing-- another Devil tale at THOIA today! Actually all that sweat can mean another thing-- a Rudy Palais story, though this particular yarn of his isn't as sweaty as most. Long time followers of this blog may also be experiencing a wave of devilish deja vu, as they'll possibly remember that I first posted this cursed classic from the July 1952 issue of Chamber of Chills #10 over half a decade ago. But as part of an unending contract I signed many many moons ago (don't ask), it's now time to take another look at it and raise a little Hell. And yes, unfortunately it will not be featured in DEVIL TALES either, the reason being that we chose to save it for another upcoming book in the IDW / Yoe Book Chilling Archive --more news on that COMING SOON, although I'm sure it's not tough to figure out the subject since it's already been mentioned here in the intro ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Death Wins the Fall / The Devil's Chamber

My new DEVIL TALES collection from IDW / Yoe Books was originally supposed to be in stores last week, but the date has been pushed back a bit to February 16th now. To celebrate the release, I had a smoldering pile of left-over devil stories (tales NOT featured in the collection) ready to help hellishly hype it all this month-- and obviously we're still going with that plan because today I have a few more! If anyone has a problem with this theme, you can take it up with 'Ol Beelzebub himself! :) "Death Wins the Fall" is from the March 1954 issue of Horrific #10, art by Max Elkin, and "The Devil's Chamber" is a one-page filler tale from the August 1952 issue of Adventures into the Unknown #34, art by Milk Knopf.

And please click HERE to pre-order DEVIL TALES now!

Friday, January 22, 2016

A Game with Lucifer

During the 1950's pre-code era, Ace Comics was home to some of the most imaginative of Devil Tales. Now as we continue spiraling down into the fiery pit of Hell itself with satanic stories of eternal pure evil, we let loose with another eerie example from the March '52 issue of Baffling Mysteries #7, highlighted by art from the always amazing Lou Cameron! Today's post is also rounded out with a baffling bonus one-page excursion into Hades from the July '53 issue of Baffling Mysteries #16.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Devil's Bottles

Another devilish tale that I wish we could've fit into my DEVIL TALES collection (available Feb. 9th, click HERE to order NOW!) --with scans also supplied by our fellow cohort in evil, Mike Howlett (see last post as well), this is a frighteningly fun yarn from Hell illustrated by underrated artist Hy Fleishman. Originally presented in the December 1952 issue of Weird Mysteries #2 (which contains one of my all time favorite comic book covers ever too), Stanley Morse later reprinted this one in the August 1954 issue of Mister Mystery #18, which is in fact a complete reprint of the entire contents of WM#2 but with different cover art.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Devil's Disciple!

From the April 1954 issue of Weird Mysteries #4, this is a left-over tale of terror that, despite some smokin' artwork from Ross Andru, didn't quite cut the spicy hot mustard for inclusion into the DEVIL TALES collection (in stores February 9th now!) Thanks again to Howlin' Mike Howlett for generously donating these scans though-- I mean, god help us all but there's also always the possibility of a goddamned DEVIL TALES 2 collection too someday, I suppose-- AIEEEEEE!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blood in Four Colours: HAUNTED LOVE

Putrid Pedro Cabezuelo from Rue Morgue Magazine recently dropped by Karswell Kastle to ask me some questions about our horrific new HAUNTED LOVE mini series from IDW / Yoe Books creeping up on you this Februtalary! Get the full scary scoop in the Jan / Feb #163 issue on stands NOW!