Friday, July 27, 2007

The Howling Hunters

From American Comics Group (ACG) comes a really weird story about a ghost wolf man. It’s a bit longer than most typical pre-code horror stories, though everything else about this one is anything but typical. For one thing the deranged design of the werewolves, and I love the odd angles and great use of mood and shadows too. I have a few more stories from King Ward and hope to post them soon as well.

From the October 1951 issue of Adventures into the Unknown #24


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! The artist's use of unusual angles & the overall layout is quite cinematic indeed!

Karswell said...

"Cinematic!" I wish I would have used that word. I also wish someone would tell me who this artist is, I really like his style alot. Todd? Brian? Anybody?

I have a future post planned from the same artist (I think it's the same artist, looks like it anyway) where he had the uncanny ability to draw Barbara Steele into the story 5 years BEFORE she made her first horror movie (Black Sunday.) The similarities will surprise you!

Anonymous said...

is it really her or just looks like her? this is a cool werewolf story...... i wanna see more from this artiast too!!!

Karswell said...

It's not supposed to be Barbara Steele because no one knew who she was when the issue came out in 1952 (her first film role didn't even happen until 1958.) But yes, it looks like her, you'll see when I post the story later next week. A couple panels in particular, it's actually kind of eerie.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of the Werewolf Underlord. Usually, such creatures are portrayed as lone beasts on the prowl, unlike this devilish fellow who has a nasty master plan...even if it does go all wrong in the end.

-Snaggle Tooth

Karswell said...

Pre-code comics seemed much more willing to explore and disassemble / reassemble the various sides of these endlessly used horror themes. Modern comics could also learn alot from these old techiques. It's too bad Hollywood isn't equally as adventurous as well.

Karswell said...

Brian Hirsch has revealed that the pencils and inks were done by King Ward... thanks Brian!

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