Saturday, March 29, 2008

Legend Films (NEWS)

Lots of news about great upcoming DVD horror releases! First, Legend Films has apparently licensed a handful of Paramount classics like The Skull, Man Who Cheated Death, Student Bodies, Phase IV and more! Click HERE for all the titles and cover art.

Secondly, Fox Home Video has some excellent horror mysteries lined up for later in 2008, like Dragonwyck (starring Vincent Price), Dr. Renault’s Secret, Chandu the Magician, and Fritz Lang’s awesome Manhunt! I’ll definitely have more info as it becomes available.

And thanks to DVD Drive-In for the news!


Dr.Phibes said...

These are some really good releases. I have wanted Dragonwyck for some time. I have seen the Chandu serial, but not this movie. I know I'll like Manhunt, 'cause Karwell told me I would. And I don't have enough Peter Cushing. I'm looking foward to all this. I wish Island of Lost Souls would get released.

Karswell said...

According to DVD Drive-In some of the Legend Film titles will be available for sale through their website starting Tues April 1st, but they will be available for retail everywhere else in June and July.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Phase IV!! Woooo hoooo!